Sandy Hook Update



No, the police report still has not been released.  So we do not know what weapons were actually used in the massacre, among many other things.

But one of the victims’ parents was given some as-yet-unreleased information about the tragedy by the police.

At least one of the guns that Adam Lanza was using jammed during his murderous rampage.


One of the boys in the classroom that day was a huge fan of the military; his favorite holiday was Veteran’s Day.  And he knew about guns.

How much did he know?  10 lives worth.

Adam Lanza shot this boy, but when he did so, the gun he was using jammed.  The boy was still conscious.

The boy realized what happened, and yelled to his classmates in hiding: “The gun jammed!  Run! Run!”

10 of them escaped before Adam Lanza got a working gun to bear on the wounded boy who saved his classmates.

He did not survive.  But his last words were more meaningful and important than most other people’s.

FYI, James Holmes gun jammed in the Aurora shooting.


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One Response to “Sandy Hook Update”

  1. Nathan Gambino says:

    I don’t know what to say.
    That one so brave and brilliant should be struck down by one so sick and evil. That our leaders refuse to confront the real problem and would make us helpless againt such horror.
    My anger and sadness nearly overwhelm me.