Cops run out of ammo

More, Please?

More, Please?

Apparently it isn’t just civilian shooters who are having trouble finding ammunition.

Police departments in Tennessee and Oklahoma say that they are having trouble getting ammo as well.  Guns are also hard to come by.

What will the net result of this be?  Less live-fire training for police personnel?  A reluctance to conduct SWAT raids for trivial offenses?

And this is happening while the Department of Homeland Security is alternately denying that they bought 1.6 billion bullets and refusing to comment on the matter.

Where will this all lead?

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2 Responses to “Cops run out of ammo”

    • Crapgame says:

      Donald — sorry it took so long to get back to you. You’re doing a great job at getting the information out there, at a way higher volume than we are. Keep it up — I’ve been enjoying your posts in my newsfeed.

      On a side note, there’s something wrong with how you have comments configured — I am unable to add any, as it asks for a username and password, and there’s no way to register (that I could find). You might want to take a look at your settings.