Connecticut Sucks



I apologize for the sparse postings lately, but we have been extremely busy fighting the gun grabbers and making preparations for the worst-case scenario.  By now you have probably heard the news.  The worst-case scenario has come true.

In a knee-jerk response to Sandy Hook, Connecticut’s Democrat-controlled legislature passed a comprehensive array of vague, contradictory, unconstitutional and virtually unenforceable gun laws in the dead of night.  Somehow, these idiots think that they can register high-capacity magazines!

The police report on this incident has still not been released.

We still have not seen the autopsy or toxicology reports on the killer.

None of the proposals address mental health.

None of the proposals address school safety.

And the Asshole Governor rammed the law through the legislature under bogus emergency protocols, avoiding public debate and committee review of the law.  Someone must be pulling his strings, because Dan Malloy’s former secretary says that he was too stupid to turn on his own computer while mayor of Stamford.

The law took effect immediately, when it was signed by the Asshole Governor at 12:30 at night, but the specifics of the law were not spelled out for dealers or citizens to read.  Result: gun stores are sitting on unsaleable guns because this Frankenstein monster of gun laws neglected to exactly define what was and was not permissible under the law.  Ammunition manufacturers like Nutmeg Sporting Cartridge can no longer sell to police departments because police departments are not considered a FFL.

Lawsuits have been filed.  This will be fought.  Many CT-based gun companies are planning to relocate.

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10 Responses to “Connecticut Sucks”

  1. FenwayNation says:

    SAFE Act 2.0

    So what now? By their own admission, none of these measures would’ve prevented a Sandy Hook. Also, Connecticut got high marks from the gun control groups before the Newtown massacre- yet those laws did nothing to protect those children.

    Like Colt or Mossberg, I’d see little reason to stick around- it would just be a matter of whether or not I stuck relatively close and set up shop in New Hampshire or Pennsylvania or went clear across the country to some of the Western states like Texas or Idaho that have been actively courting northeastern-based gun companies.

  2. […] The bill is much too long to post here; as disconnected as an eight year old’s essay on nuclear energy, and no one knew what was in it when the Democrats railroaded it through the Legislature. It is reasonably certain no one knows much more now. Our brethren at Yankee Gun Nuts pretty much have the rest of that story, here. […]

    • Crapgame says:

      Stranger — I can’t contact you on your site — you’re comment add-on is asking for a username/password, with not way to register.

  3. So now what, brothers?

    The die is cast. This bed is made. There is no turning back now.

    Now what?

    NY State is already becoming Nazi and confiscating legal firearms from rightful and legal owners.

    How long until CT is next?

    • Crapgame says:

      It won’t be long. I’m already making plans to escape CT at the earliest moment I can. Unfortunately, that’s not going to be early enough.

  4. Texas pete says:

    I now no longer support Connecticut gun companies or ammunition companies until they relocate. I will not support the Connecticut economy

    • Crapgame says:

      That’s getting easier, as they pull out. PTR and Stag have both announced they’re leaving. The more the merrier. We need to starve the Beast.

    • Texas Pete,

      It’s a tough call. I mean, on the one hand, I want to continue to support the gun companies that provide us with the means to manifest The Second Amendment.

      On the other hand, of course, like you said, any monies we spend on their products goes to finance CT though taxation and the like.

      Personally, as a CT resident, I’m torn. I don’t want to cut my nose off to spite my face.

  5. Guys,

    Check this. NY State Police fess us and admit a mistake for one of their many gun confiscations. Can you say “MAJOR law suit”? I knew you could.