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Once again, the mad dash towards gun control has resulted in complications that need to be worked out.

Dirty Andy” Cuomo had to revise his love-letter to the Brady Bunch to exempt the law-enforcement personnel that he mistakenly targeted with his absurd magazine ban.

The Connecticut legislatterns who sprinted to ram a punitive package of gun laws down the throats of people who hadn’t done anything wrong have started the process of clarifying and modifying the mess they made.

And there are issues with Dyslexic Dan’s gun control wet dream.


They are trying to soften some of the provisions that will force manufacturers to leave the state, but have not gone far enough.

Law-enforcement/military will supposedly now lose the ability to buy “restricted” items when they are no longer active-duty.  But they can still own prohibited weapons privately.

.22LR semi-auto rifles are now treated like their centerfire cousins, and no longer available for sale (but you can own models purchased after the ban passed). (SEE UPDATE BELOW)

As Connecticut residents, we still don’t have any information on the procedure for registering now-prohibited weapons.

We still don’t have any information on the procedure for registering standard-capacity magazines that hold more than 10 rounds.  I am eager to see just how close they come to “going full retard” on it.

And the language of the law is vague and contradictory. In some provisions, parts that might conceivably be used to make a banned weapon are themselves banned; but nowhere does is say if a single part is banned or if you must have all of the parts in one place to reach this threshold.

No kidding

No kidding

So, does that mean that Mossberg’s “tactical” lever-action (which uses an AR-15 collapsing stock which retains the ability to collapse) is not permitted?  I am tempted to buy one and open-carry it just for the pants-soiling it will cause liberals by its appearance.  But not until I know if the stock is a legal problem.

There are legal challenges to this idiotic law making their way through the courts now.


Well things are about to get interesting for CT gun dealers.

When this dumb law was passed back in April, the original draft exempted .22LR-caliber rifles from the assault rifle provisions.  Some CT dealers took what they interpreted as a loophole and ran with it, ordering and selling as many .22LR AR-15 look-alikes as they could find, even though they had features on the banned list.

That loophole is now closed.  What I am hearing from dealers is that they are now being told by the State Police that they should anticipate being closed for business for a week so the state can see how many of these “loophole” guns were sold.  And the purchaser will not be punished for these sales, but the dealer will.

More info will be forthcoming.


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