Sen. Chris Murphy: An Honest Dirtbag

Jon Lovitz - Call Your Lawyer!

Jon Lovitz – Call Your Lawyer!

The aftermath of the Sandy Hook Massacre has not been pretty.

The gun-grabbers have made a spectacle of themselves by lying and fabricating stories to help win victories over the Bill of Rights.  Sadly, this spectacle has remained visible only to those citizens who make the effort to circumvent the anti-gun bias of the lame-stream media.

In a move which will surprise no one who isn’t a hardcore liberal, the ringleaders of the anti-gun movement have gotten busted lying to their own supporters yet again:


“In the final push toward the Senate gun control vote on April 17, Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) admitted Democrats were flying Newtown families into DC to break a Republican filibuster–he also admitted that those families did not know they were going to be used for that purpose until the plane carrying them was already in the air.”

To be fair, some of the blame lies with the family members who made the choice to be used as political tools without exercising any due diligence.

How did it all go down, you ask?  In Murphy’s own words:

“They thought they were coming down here to argue for a ban on high capacity magazines and universal background checks, and we told them they coming to argue to avert a filibuster and allow us to debate.  And that was really heartbreaking and deflating for some of them.  But they rose to the occasion, and it was wonderful to see them at the end of the trip feeling like they had made a difference.”

In other words, the peasants did what they were told.

At least Murphy was honest about being a liar.  He is completely aware of that fact that gun control is a costly exercise in futility.

These anti-gun family members are, at best, deluded fools tilting at windmills.  Some might lack any overt political motive, and simply be attention-whores.

In any event, their 15 minutes of fame have expired.


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