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Your Papers, Please...

Your Papers, Please…

How much do you exercise your gun rights on an average day?

Have you ever thought about what you would do on an day that was not average?

During the Boston Bomber manhunt, many hands were wrung over the dubiously-legal lockdown imposed upon Massachusetts residents.

During the manhunt for trigger-happy Chris Dorner, lockdowns were once again employed.

Well, it just happened again:


“I encountered my first officers while walking [my dog]. They told me I had to go home. A police officer was shot and the neighborhood was on lockdown. I asked if I would be allowed to leave to go to work. He said no. I asked if this was legal. He said it was.”

I see several troubling aspects to this trend.

First, I am not a lawyer and I didn’t stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night, but the concept of a lockdown seems to be poorly defined in legal terms:

  • What are police allowed to force you to do under a “lockdown”?
  • What rights does a citizen forfeit under a “lockdown”?
  • How long can a “lockdown” last?
  • Who has the authority to impose a “lockdown” and who has the authority to end one?

I wonder if open-carry proponents would be as eager to exercise their right to open carry during a lockdown…

Second, it appears that lockdowns are becoming more frequent.  Given the track record of the current administration, it is not unreasonable to predict that they will become even more frequent, perhaps even perpetual.  With our NSA Big Brother watching everyone, there will be no shortage of excuses to impose lockdowns.

Third, I don’t see much pushback against the lockdown phenomenon.  Where are the protests?  Where are the lawsuits?  We have all watched helplessly as the police have militarized themselves, expanded the use of SWAT teams to allow violent raids in pursuit of trivial crimes, and even non-police agencies like the Dept. of Education and the IRS have created paramilitary units.

Will the American people simply stand by as these troubling anomalies become commonplace?

Ben Franklin was right.


A little bird with a little badge tells me that the FBI is in the process of vacating all of its urban offices in favor of facilities outside of major urban areas.

These new facilities are being built to hardened specifications (shatterproof glass, blast-resistant walls, distant perimeter fencing that prevents vehicles from approaching closely).


Why has every police agency in the state of Georgia been ordered to train its personnel in riot control before the end of August 2013?

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