Another Colorado Recall

Payback is...her

Payback is…her

Another left-wing gun-hating legislator in Colorado is the subject of a recall initiative:

“Now, another anti-gun senator’s seat is in jeopardy.  Democratic Senator Evie Hudak has a list of recall signatures that is gaining momentum.  But, there’s even more at stake this time.  As a result of last month’s recall, the Democrats now hold a majority in the senate by only one seat.  Hudak’s recall would swing the balance.”
Hudak is a popular figure among Democrats, despite her propensity for landing in the papers for the wrong reasons. Just last week, she landed in hot water after being caught on camera surfing Facebook and sending unrelated tweets during a hearing on parole reform.  In March, Hudak dismissed a rape victim who testified that she wished she’d had a gun by saying “statistics are not on your side.”
I am hopeful that this recall will succeed, and glad that the gun-grabbers are suffering for their stupidity.  If the DemocRATS lose their majority in the Colorado senate, that will be a strategic advantage.  And this water buffalo can go back to grazing buffets.
But, sadly, this does nothing to stop the national efforts to ban guns.  And it certainly doesn’t help gun owners in formerly purple but now deep blue Connecticut.