Obama Assault on The Second Amendment



Well, to anyone that was paying attention to who Barack Obama really was when he first ran for U.S. Senate, it was clear that he was a calculating socialist with a well-funded public-relations team.  A look at the traitorous mob that he surrounded himself with (the Chicago Machine, Bill Ayers, etc.) cemented the impression that his true values were unAmerican to the core.

But he was an eager, brazen liar, and he employed many other liars (of various skill levels of lying), and he had the zealous unquestioning support of the liberal media behind him.  And he coasted into office despite his lack of qualifications and many unanswered questions about his past.

Since taking office, he has put into motion a wide variety of schemes to undermine the traditional American way of life and traditional social values.  Some were overt maneuvers; some were hidden.  But all were calculated to adhere to his mentor Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.


His assault on the Second Amendment is no different.  Knowing that the NRA has considerable influence in the House and Senate, he instigated a multi-front assault on gun rights via indirect routes.

The Gunwalker/Fast & Furious scandals are one such attack.  Send illegal guns into Mexico, so that he can then use the havoc they create as a pretext for additional federal gun laws.  Thankfully the scheme was revealed before he could make his bogus case.  Hyper-partisan Attorney General Eric CockHolder continues to obfuscate and lie about the scandal.  But alert patriots derailed the scheme before Obama could capitalize on the mayhem he created.

His decision to poke his nose into the criminal assault on George Zimmerman was another move calculated to tip public opinion against the Second Amendment.

But some of the indirect moves he has made haven’t received as much press.

  • The ATF has been reported at various times since Obama took office as: requiring dealers to declare when multiple guns are purchased; attempting to eliminate Gun Trusts; and photocopying all 4473 records at the dealers they inspect.  In addition, the Guns & Ammo review of the new Taurus pistol-caliber carbines yielded this interesting tidbit: “The CT9 and CT40 carbines for U.S. distribution will bear 10-round magazines. OK, no big deal, The Powers That Be can be picky about this, and when you ship products across the border you have to play by the rules. But what is really a puzzlement is that Taurus itself can’t make magazines here in the U.S. that’ll hold more than 10 rounds for the CT9. Even more puzzling, the company can’t be directly involved with another company that does make such magazines. I know there are a bunch of imported firearms you can get that will not only accept, but come with, high-cap magazines. So why are the Feds picking on Taurus? I don’t know, and neither does Taurus.”  The ATF at work? Almost certainly.

It’s a full court press, folks.  Obama has no reason to moderate his behavior because he can’t run for re-election.  He will keep trying to erode the Second Amendment as long as he is able to do so.

Vigilance, communication and action are the only ways to combat this assault on our liberty.

Is your NRA membership current?  Are you using the RoundUp feature at MidwayUSA to donate to the NRA with every purchase there?

Are you a member of the Second Amendment Foundation?

How are you staying up-to-date on gun-related news?  SayUncle is a good place to start.  Check his blogroll for more places to stay informed.

Are you registered to vote?  Are you actually voting whenever you are able to?

Do you know who your representatives are?  Are you making your opinion known to your representatives when a gun-related issue is at stake?

Don’t bury your head in the sand and assume that you will always have your Second Amendment rights.  You won’t have them, if Obama is able to get away with what he is trying to do.



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