More Anti-Gun Hijinks

Papers, please...

Papers, please…

Well, here in Connecticut, the registration deadline has passed for “assault weapons” and “high-capacity” magazines.  If you have one and it isn’t registered with the Gestapo, you are a felon.

There is talk of extending the deadline, due to the inability of the Department of Public Safety to process the registrants that made every effort to comply, but no word on that.

There are lawsuits against this dumb law moving forward as we speak, but the wheels of injustice grind slowly.  How finely they grind is another matter.  In the meantime, it is the law of this land, formerly known as the Constitution State.

You can read the act here:



There are other provisions of Public Act 13-3 that received less attention, but are highly significant:

  • A new & more broad definition of what an “assault weapon” is.  (Page 26.  Walther GSP target pistol?  That’s an “assault weapon”!  Does the magazine well on a Marlin Camp Carbine constitute a “forward handgrip”?  A strict reading says “Yes”, and do you want to risk a strict interpretation of the law if you get called on it?)
  • Restrictions on where “high-capacity” magazines may be located, and how many bullets may be loaded in them in those locations. (Page 25.  The rules for home and workplace are different!)
  • Restrictions on where “assault rifles” may be located, and rules for storage while transporting them.  (Page 34.  Will stopping for gas on the way to a shooting range constitute a violation?  A strict reading of the language says “yes”!)
  • New rules on the reporting of mental illness & mental health care (whether involuntary or voluntary) and how they relate to gun sales & ownership. (Page 9)

The vagueness of the law will confound you, and the State of Connecticut will not offer any clarification on what the law means beyond a FAQ document posted on the DPS website.  Is this a deliberate decision to try and create as many violators as possible?  Read on…


I highly suggest that every Connecticut gun owner do several things:

  1. Read this law & FAQ carefully, and seek competent legal advice where appropriate
  2. Evaluate their situation and their options carefully before acting
  3. Be cognizant of the fact that big brother is watching & listening, and avoid becoming an “example”.  Don’t be the nail that sticks up, you will get hammered down!
  4. Donate to & support the organizations which are suing the State of Connecticut over this law – CCDL
  5. Get involved – Vote!  Write politely to your representatives!  Make your calm voice heard, based upon facts!
  6. Read Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky, and use those tactics against the people persecuting us (media, legislators, anti-gun retards)

*   *   *

Now, that provision on mental health in the CT law?  It seems to have predicted a new federal push on the same topic:

New DOJ, HHS Rules Aimed at Mental State of Gun Owners

The devil is in the details, and we don’t have those details yet.  But you should not be under any illusion that this new-found focus on mental health won’t be slanted to inflict the maximum amount of discomfort on gun ownership.


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2 Responses to “More Anti-Gun Hijinks”

  1. BHirsh says:

    I’m with Thomas Aquinas on this one.

    An unjust law is no law at all.

  2. The way you guys are treated is incredible. Here in Tennessee you only need a license if you want to carry your gun concealed, for open carry, no license needed.

    And all for what? Because Ms. Lanza had a crazy son and she was too afraid to give him a good spanking? I’m not exactly a social butterfly, but my parents wouldn’t have let me get away with the crap Adam got away with. No way, no how.