The Experts Agree: The 1911 Sucks!



I promised Crapgame that I wouldn’t gloat.

But a very well-known gunblogger and 1911 gunsmith has come out against the 1911 design:

Hilton Yam: My Personal Path Away From The 1911

SaysUncle picked up the story, and it’s going to get a lot of attention.


Amongst Mr. Yam’s arguments:

  • The 1911 trigger and ergonomics are crutches that are unnecessary to shoot well
  • Lack of reliabilty (he found a 50% failure rate during his 1911 classes)
  • Frequent need for gunsmithing to gain reliability
  • Unsuitability for duty use (“an industry wide move away from the 1911 in serious training circles”)

Most of which are arguments that I made here several years ago:

The 1911 Sucks

Mr. Yam’s article has a lot of comments, all of them polite and most of them agreeing with him.  That was not the case for my post.  LOL.

During the long comment slap-fight after my post, my second-biggest fan Tam looped Hilton Yam into the discussion, and he actually recommended a few models of 1911 to me that were known to be less unreliable than most.

But I notice that she has not commented on Hilton’s article, or mentioned it on her blog.  She seems to have plenty to say on everything under the sun, so I can’t imagine why she hasn’t made any statement yet.  Perhaps she is busy.

And the geology department at the University of Arizona is reporting some anomalous seismic activity.  Maybe it is the sound of Jeff Cooper’s corpse spinning in its grave.


Well, it looks like Tam finally discovered Mr. Yam’s post.

But she managed to say absolutely nothing of substance about it.

What’s that old legal aphorism?  Oh yeah:

“If you have the facts on your side, pound the facts.  If you have the law on your side, pound the law.  If you have neither on your side, pound the table.”

She certainly cannot impugn Mr. Yam’s credibility or qualifications to make the observations that he made, since they far exceed her own.  And her personal view on the subject is well-documented, while being in variance with Mr. Yam’s.  And she regards Mr. Yam as a friend, so personal insults are hard to justify.

I anticipate more noncommittal table-pounding, while she desperately tries to find a position that won’t embarrass herself.  I am confident that she will maintain a posture of unapologetic defiance while doing so.


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2 Responses to “The Experts Agree: The 1911 Sucks!”

  1. Texas Colt carry says:

    I have several full size .45 1911s, and trust any one of them as a daily carry and I do daily carry even at work. All have had at least 2000+ rounds run thru them including hollow points of any brand. I do practice a lot and have yet to have a feed, fire or eject failure with any of them. NONE, ZERO, NADA! None have been “gun smith” tampered with, all are out of the box stock of several brand names. There are anywhere from 2 to 20 years old.

    All of this hype and crap about trigger feel and accuracy is so much nonsense. You wont be aiming at your attacker, you will be POINTING!! Your gun needs to go bang when its needed, you need to learn how to POINT! Aiming is for hunting, pointing is for defending and defending is usually at very close range.

    So carry what you feel is best for you, but learn how to point at close range and hit center mass. Heck, even a HiPoint can get the job done, just make sure it goes bang when needed.

    As for me, I will carry my 1911 full size steel .45 every day, every where I go. Its comfortable to me, hides well, its dependable and that’s all I can ask of it.

  2. Kendal Black says:

    I am surprised that Mr. Yam’s comments have stirred up such a bees’ nest in the blogosphere. Of course the design is more than a hundred years old. But it has lasted on its merits. It does have some.

    It has some drawbacks too. A swinging toggle is really not very good design, nothing else uses that any more, and the lockwork is safe only if someone familiar with it is handling it. For example, you unload by going off safe. That is a thing to make you go hmmm.

    I think Mr. Yam’s reliability issues do not relate to the war era pistol as designed, which had considerable shake, rattle and roll in the way it was fitted up. You take a loosely fitted 1911 and I can almost guarantee that something is going to fly out the front.