Connecticut-Legal AR-15

Sit & Spin, Malloy!

Sit & Spin, Malloy!

Well, the eagle has landed, folks.

The illogical and capricious nature of gun laws (I’m still waiting to hear what the problem with barrel shrouds is) renders them vulnerable to circumvention by engineering changes, or even cosmetic changes. Where there is a will, there is a way.

The development of bizarre AR-15 features like thumbhole stocks, fixed-magazines fed by stripper clips, bullet-buttons, single-shot operation, lever-action and pump action were driven by the need to circumvent specifically-worded gun laws.

In the wake of the SAFE Act in NY, Black Rain Ordnance created a snake-like stock to render their otherwise-stock AR15 NY-legal. Goofy-looking, but functional.

And now Ares Defense has redesigned the AR15 lower receiver to allow a traditional Monte Carlo stock to be attached (alas this particular shoulder thing will not go up), rendering the final product legal to own in CT without registering it as an assault weapon. They promised it back in April, but it is in stores right now.

Behold the Ares Defense SCR:

ScreenHunter_107 Sep. 23 20.52

In factory configuration, there are no iron sights. The SCR lower receiver is not as tall as a traditional receiver, has a shorter magazine well, and it lowers the stock attachment point & moves the trigger group to the rear to facilitate comfortable trigger-finger access when using the Monte Carlo stock.

SCR_ComparisonThe good news is that, according to the dealer I spoke with, by using the slightly-modified Ares bolt (which will fit any stock bolt-carrier group), you can use any upper on the SCR lower.

Is it ideal? No. It’s another awkward hoop that the gun-grabbers are making us jump through.

But it will get you back to using your AR-15 uppers & accessories, instead of leaving them at home.

And if you have a chance to stick your thumb in the gun-grabber’s eyes, why not give them a poke? They sure don’t give a damn about you or your rights.  While I am not generally an advocate of exercising one’s right to open carry a long gun…this would be an ideal choice for such an occasion, as it is CT-legal and designed specifically to conform to the law.  If any gun grabber is brave enough to have words with you, you can smirk and tell them it’s legal, just like the gun you will be carrying after they pass the next idiotic gun law.  Just be sure to laugh at their impotence to drive the point home.

The Ares Defense SCR is in stock now at Connecticut Firearms & Tactical.



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