Bob Owens Can Go Fuck Himself

Pew Pew Pew

Pew Pew Pew

What the hell is going on here?

First, Jim Dumbo Zumbo shoots his career in the foot by going full-Fudd.

Then Dickless Metcalf starts carrying the anti-gunners’ water for them, and his mealy-mouthed editor at Guns & Ammo helps him do it.

Now Bob Owens of has joined their illustrious company on the anti-gun side.  This, after Owens took Metcalf to task for acting as a puppet for the anti-gun cultists!

In an op-ed for the anti-gun liberal L.A. Times, Owens badmouths Glock because of a rash of police accidental shootings due to what he claims to be an overly-light trigger pull & too-short trigger travel distance (and a lack of a manual safety) on Glock handguns.

“For more than 35 years, officer-involved accidental discharges with Glocks and Glock-like weapons have been blamed on a lack of training or negligence on the part of the individual cops. What critics should be addressing instead is the brutal reality that short trigger pulls and natural human reflexes are a deadly combination.”

So, all of a sudden the minimal firearms training requirements (partly budgetary in nature) for police are absolved of guilt for these officers’ negligence?

And the Glock trigger (which is longer and heavier than a 1911) is suddenly a problem, despite this rash of police-initiated incidents that has not been mirrored by a commensurate increase in civilian negligent discharges?  And the police Glocks use an even heavier trigger than civilian Glocks (the “New York Trigger”).

Owens talks about going back to issuing police guns that have long DAO (double-action only) triggers.  Which will make the already abysmal track record of police firearms accuracy even worse.

SayUncle and Instapundit picked up the story, and commenters have been brutal towards Owens’ soft-headed logic.

Owens tried to deflect & defuse the controversy on his own blog:

“Mechanically, Glocks and similar pistols are incredibly solid and reliable designs. What they aren’t is forgiving…Unfortunately, until they start manufacturing failure-proof people, Glocks and other short trigger pull guns are going to be a bad choice for professions where high stress is a constant.”

There isn’t anything I can think of that has higher stress than a self-defense situation.  And by Owens’ standard, the 1911 (with its lighter and shorter trigger) is even worse than a Glock for such situations.  The Walther PPS and PPQ have lighter, shorter triggers than a Glock.  My Springfield XDM has a shorter, lighter trigger than a Glock.  Haven’t shot a S&W M&P lately but its entirely possible that their triggers are comparable or lighter/shorter than a Glock.  Owens tries to suggest that the Beretta 92/96 design (which has proven to be prone to breakage in military service) is the answer.  He also suggests the Ruger SR series…which has a Glock-like trigger.  And the discontinued 1st-3rd gen S&W pistols.  Hey, Bob, how about a Nagant M1895 revolver?  Is that a heavy enough trigger for you?

Some have claimed that Owens has a relationship with a rival firearms manufacturer, and this is what is driving his sudden attack of foot-in-mouth disease.  Or maybe he just needed to get some attention, like an infant throwing his pacifier on the floor and crying.

Regardless of his motivation, Owens proved himself to be a willing tool of the anti-gun crowd, and an ignoramus.

Enjoy your infamy, you chinless hayseed.


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8 Responses to “Bob Owens Can Go Fuck Himself”

  1. Phil Wong says:

    My response that I just posted to

    Mr. Owens, in reading your blog and this article, I noticed that you are a proud Gunsite graduate, and use same to lend authority and credibility to your pontifications on the subject of defensive handguns and shooting – so, I got to wondering which pistol you used for Gunsite 250?

    Oh, a Walther PPQ – ummmm, that looks a lot like one of those “unforgiving” polymer-frame, striker-fired pistols with a short trigger pull and no external safeties…

    Wonder what the trigger’s like on that pistol?

    “Quick Defense Trigger: Smooth, light 5.6 lb trigger pull for all shots. Short .4″ trigger travel and .1″ trigger reset for fast, accurate second shots. Facilitates double-taps. Superb trigger feel aids accuracy.”

    By Jove, that sounds an awful lot like…a Glock or a S&W M&P. But, since it’s a *Walther*, it must be OK…

    So, how did you do at Gunsite with your “NotAGlock” Walther PPQ?

    “Yes, I “died” three times at Gunsite.

    In two runs on different indoor simulators I got tunnel vision. I cleared the rooms with deliberate intent, focusing so closely on every interior corner and angle that I simply failed to notice solitary bad guys standing outside the windows as I passed by.

    My third “death” was simply mortifying. I successfully cleared a room, and then encountered a target almost right on top of me in the narrow hallway beyond. I pointed, instead of looking at the front sight, and yanked the trigger instead of pressing it. I missed twice at five feet.”

    Golly gee willikers, you went to some of the best defensive handgun training in the world, and during a run in the Gunsite Funhouse – still regarded as one of the premier facilities for police gunfight and CQB/house-clearing training – you STILL ganked a couple of close-range shots with “a polymer-frame, striker-fired pistol with a short trigger pull and no external safeties.”

    Guess “the brutal reality that short trigger pulls and natural human reflexes are a deadly combination” worked out somewhat differently for you……/11/13/gunfighter-school-n1914586

    If only you’d been using one of those “DA/SA handguns like the Sig Sauer “P”-series, the Beretta 9 series and PX4 series, CZs, Smith & Wesson’s metal-frame semis,Ruger’s SR series, etc.” “with much longer double-action triggers that are just as easy to fire deliberately but that are much harder to fire accidentally,” as the founder of Gunsite, the late Col. Jeff Cooper advocated – oh wait, here’s what Col. Cooper ACTUALLY said about DA/SA pistols:

    October 1973–“Double action in an auto pistol seems to me an ingenious solution to a non-existent problem.”

    “In reflecting upon a recent all-cop pistol session we conducted over in California, it is apparent once again that cops, as a group, are pretty hard to train. Those who are stuck with the crunchenticker – and these are many – will persist with the slow-crunch technique in spite of all advice to the contrary. This system is almost universal in the law enforcement establishment. If it is done accurately it is too slow. If it is done rapidly it is inaccurate. It is possible that I am paying too much attention to unrealistically high levels of performance, which are really not necessary in gun fighting. Still, I like to see people do as well as they can. It is bothersome to see them make no effort to do so.

    There has never been much question about it, and it is indisputable after decades of observation that the single-action self-loading pistol – the Colt 1911 and its clones – is the easiest, heavy-duty sidearm with which to hit. The crunchenticker is the most difficult, and the Glock is somewhere in the middle. Shooting a Glock is simply shooting a single-action self-loader with no safety and a very poor trigger. If real excellence is not the objective, this is a satisfactory system to employ.”

    Perhaps Buz Mills should consider revoking your Gunsite 250 certificate for “blatant public hypocrisy unbecoming of a national gun-rights advocate,” or at least requiring you to repeat the course with a Beretta or SIG DA/SA pistol “with much longer double-action triggers that are just as easy to fire deliberately but that are much harder to fire accidentally” – and you yourself might want to read Matthew 7:1-5 before attempting to pander to low-information readers again…

  2. Gunnutmegger says:

    Looks like Owens was just trying to trash-talk the competition.

    Utterly pathetic, and hypocritical to boot.

  3. Tom R says:

    Owens to me, is the typical internet ‘expert’.
    When it come to all the so called Weapons experts on the internet, I practice the old believe nothing you hear and only half of what you read.
    My self, I’ll keep practicing and holding to the old teachings of Col. Cooper as gospel and to hell with the rest of the experts!

  4. KiA says:

    looks like owens has become pwneds.

  5. Phil Wong says:

    This is my response to a rebuttal elsewhere on Facebook:

    I’m glad that Bob Owens got to graduate from Gunsite, and I greatly enjoyed the articles he wrote about his experience when I first read them.

    I’m OK with the fact that he used what many would consider a “gamer gun,” his 5″ longslide Walther PPQ, even though he admits that “The Kahr CM9 is my current every-day carry gun.” ( He’s not alone in training with a range gun and carrying a subcompact pocket pistol, although I’d say it’s a shame to throw away 5 days and 1000’s of dollars and rounds worth of top-notch training and “muscle memory” by not carrying the same gun that he trained with(or at least stick with the same operating system, by carrying a Walther PPS).

    I like and own several of the DA pistols Bob referenced in this latest post, and I actually agree with him that they’re not that hard to shoot, once you learn how. I just wish he would have argued FOR DA pistols based on their own merits, instead of AGAINST short-trigger, no-external-safety pistols like the one he himself used at Gunsite.

    I don’t even have a problem with the fact that he completely missed a target under pressure at extremely close range – I’ve done the same in IDPA matches, and as long as we didn’t harm or endanger ourselves or a fellow shooter, honestly acknowledge our own fault, and learn from the experience, it’s OK(all of which Bob Owens did, to his credit:

    However, what beggars his credibility and my credulity, is less than a year later, while speaking in a national forum as a national advocate and authority on gun rights and gun ownership, blithely dismissing the same kind of human fault and error as being an unavoidable part of human nature, and instead assigning blame to the inanimate tool. It’s as if Bob Owens unilaterally decided that cops and other folks who carry Glocks and similar pistols can’t reasonably be expected to learn and adhere to Cooper’s Rules of Gunhandling(as he was personally taught at Gunsite itself mere months ago), because training is “utterly irrelevant,” when “humans are gonna be human,” and instead they need guns designed to take more of the burden of safety out of our frail, fallible, merely-human hands. I can’t imagine that Col. Cooper would have tolerated that for a second, as staunch an advocate of personal responsibility and training as he was, and I doubt that the current staff of Gunsite would feel any differently.

    I have to wonder, why the change? Did Bob Owens have an epiphany at Gunsite, or shortly after, that suddenly made him realize why short-trigger, no-external-safety pistols like Glocks and S&W M&Ps(AND his Walther PPQ, AND the Springfield XD9 he ALSO used to own) are such a bad idea? Did Bob, or a fellow student, have an AD under circumstances similar to the cops he cited in his article? Did Bob somehow come to the realization that he wouldn’t have been “killed” in the Gunsite Funhouse if his pistol had had a long, heavy double-action trigger like his Kahr CM9(which he DIDN’T shoot at Gunsite)?

    If so, why didn’t he say so in his article? Space limitations aside, surely he could have squeezed in a simple sentence or two about how his personal experience owning short-trigger, no-manual-safety pistols and shooting same under stress at Gunsite made him realize how unforgivingly dangerous they are?

    At least he could have covered himself by acknowledging that such pistols are indeed safe(r) in the hands of trained, conscientious handlers – that would have been merely “elitist,” and wouldn’t have offended thousands of Glock owners who ARE trained and conscientious(or at least regard themselves as such).

    As it is, the tone of his L.A. Times op-ed and his follow-up article strongly suggests to me that Bob Owens decided to pander to the current popular narrative that “cops shoot too many [non-white]people,” and chose to lay the blame at the feet of the guns used(which are strikingly similar to the ones he himself admits to owning and training with), because that line of reasoning was easier to sell to the Times’ editors and readership…

  6. Gunnutmegger says:

    I suspect that Bob was offered a chance to speak to a wider audience (via the L.A. Slimes) and saw so many stars in his eyes that he forgot common sense in his dash towards the spotlight.

    Personally, I do not trust manual safety mechanisms (Remington 700, anyone?), and do not use or rely on them when using guns that have them.

    And I don’t carry guns that have manual safeties for self-defense. No one remembers to disengage a safety every time, and I prefer not to put myself at greater risk by having one more thing to deal with if I have to defend myself.

    Getting a solid grip on the gun, drawing it quickly, acquiring the proper sight picture, maintaining situational-awareness and making the shoot/don’t shoot decision are plenty of things to be dealing with. I don’t believe it is wise for someone to add into that equation a manual control that cannot be disengaged without loosening one’s grip on the gun (let alone carrying a gun with an empty chamber, or an uncocked single-action pistol).

    Other peoples’ mileage may vary; the lives that fumbling with a safety might cost them are their own.

    A Glock won’t fire unless the trigger is pulled. Same with the Walther PPS and PPQ, and Kahr’s models. Keeping one’s finger off the trigger is all the safety that is needed.

  7. a question says:

    Is YGN still around? Bob Owens is. I am not applauding this, simply noting it.

    • Gunnutmegger says:

      Har de har har.

      Let’s see: you were able to navigate to the site. You were even able to read the article and leave a comment. So it seems obvious that YGN is still around.

      Even someone as dimwitted as Bob Owens should be able to answer your question in the affirmative.