.22 Ammo Reappears

Precious Metal

Precious Metal

I have been in 3 stores in the past week that all had .22 ammo in stock.

100-round plastic boxes of Winchester HP, bulk tubs of Remington Golden Bullet, 50-round boxes of Federal Target, 100-round boxes of Remington Viper, 50-round boxes of Fiocchi Official 320 and Remington Eley Match EPS.

All had limits on the quantity that a single customer could buy.

A friend found bulk boxes of 9mm at Dick’s.  Other than that one opportunity, I haven’t seen any brass-cased 9mm for sale for a month.

.30-30 ammo has been scarce too.

But I have seen plenty of .223.

Connecticut Sucks



I apologize for the sparse postings lately, but we have been extremely busy fighting the gun grabbers and making preparations for the worst-case scenario.  By now you have probably heard the news.  The worst-case scenario has come true.

In a knee-jerk response to Sandy Hook, Connecticut’s Democrat-controlled legislature passed a comprehensive array of vague, contradictory, unconstitutional and virtually unenforceable gun laws in the dead of night.  Somehow, these idiots think that they can register high-capacity magazines!

The police report on this incident has still not been released.

We still have not seen the autopsy or toxicology reports on the killer.

None of the proposals address mental health.

None of the proposals address school safety.

And the Asshole Governor rammed the law through the legislature under bogus emergency protocols, avoiding public debate and committee review of the law.  Someone must be pulling his strings, because Dan Malloy’s former secretary says that he was too stupid to turn on his own computer while mayor of Stamford.

The law took effect immediately, when it was signed by the Asshole Governor at 12:30 at night, but the specifics of the law were not spelled out for dealers or citizens to read.  Result: gun stores are sitting on unsaleable guns because this Frankenstein monster of gun laws neglected to exactly define what was and was not permissible under the law.  Ammunition manufacturers like Nutmeg Sporting Cartridge can no longer sell to police departments because police departments are not considered a FFL.

Lawsuits have been filed.  This will be fought.  Many CT-based gun companies are planning to relocate.

The cupboard is bare (mostly)

Where da white boxes at?

Where da white boxes at?

Like the rest of you, I am feeling the effects of the ammo shortage.

I am using .22 guns for practice as often as possible.  Why?  Because 9mm is nearly impossible to find.  Not surprising, given its popularity.  .223 range ammo (as opposed to defensive/hunting loads) is scarce too.  I prefer not to deplete my reserves until that becomes unavoidable.  The similarity of the Ruger SR22 to many tactical pistols (in terms of ergonomics and sights) makes it a good alternative for low-cost practice.

What is surprising is how much .380 I am seeing still on shelves.  Also, .45acp is usually available, and most of the time .40S&W too.

There’s a lot of factors at play in this shortage; war production, other government contracts, panic buying, hoarding, etc.  I cannot say if there is any opportunism or profiteering going on, beyond a few unscrupulous dealers that I make a habit of avoiding. I would imagine that it is a good time to be in the ammo manufacturing business.  None of their product will sit idle waiting for a buyer.

Retailers are weary of getting phone calls from ammo-seeking customers.  Many of us have uncovered the delivery schedules for our local retailers, and are scheduling visits to coincide with the deliveries to ensure first crack at any ammo they get.

The shooting ranges that I frequent have ammo to supply their shooting customers thus far; they are sick of being asked to sell it to retail customers.  One owner hides the boxes so that people won’t see them and ask to buy it.

Hope it loosens up soon…


First Impressions: Charter Arms Pitbull .40S&W (Updated, AGAIN!)

No rims? No problem!

(Scroll down for updates)  I have been looking at bigger-bore revolvers for a while now.  Wheelgun reliability + bigger bullets sounded like a winner to me.

The lack of .44SPL ammo availability (and the anemia of the ammo I have seen tested) pushed me away from a Bulldog and towards the Pitbull.  5-shots, stainless steel frame, DA with exposed hammer.  And since it’s a revolver, the chamber is “fully supported”.  LOL.

I saw one in the case at the newest gun store in the area, Woodbridge Firearms, and I pulled the trigger so to speak.  A more complete review will be forthcoming, but here are my initial impressions after a box and a half of ammo:


Ammo Shortage?

Big Brass Ones

Big Brass Ones

Crapgame and I have been into several gun stores over the past few months and have heard complaints from the proprietors about shortages of ammo.  They order a case, but only get 3 boxes, etc.

This was predicted by other gun bloggers months ago.  Brownell’s also mentioned it in their news.  I don’t know if it is due to ATK’s government contracts taking up all of the production capacity, or rising prices/scarcity of raw materials.

But even basic stuff like target .22 ammo is hard to find.  And I haven’t seen a box of CCI Green Tag in over a year.


Epic Fail in the Making

Keep Dope Alive

Jesse Jackson: We Are Going to March on Gun Shops

Aside from the financial health of the gun industry, one of the few business categories that is showing growth in this economy, this is a supremely bad idea from a man who is notorious for bad ideas.

I hope this idea withers on the vine and never comes to fruition.  And that’s all I am going to say on this subject for the time being.