The Experts Agree: The 1911 Sucks!



I promised Crapgame that I wouldn’t gloat.

But a very well-known gunblogger and 1911 gunsmith has come out against the 1911 design:

Hilton Yam: My Personal Path Away From The 1911

SaysUncle picked up the story, and it’s going to get a lot of attention.


Why the Navy Yard Shooter Did It



We have all seen the news stories of the Navy Yard Massacre.  Those of you who go beyond the biased MSM will know that Alexis had some serious mental problems, and that his employer failed to complete his background check.  You also know that, despite the MSM bleating about it for days, there was no AR-15 involved.

But lost in the blizzard of disinformation is: why did Alexis do it?  What made him follow Joe Biden’s advice (“Get a shotgun”), and saw the stock off while writing cryptic messages on the gun?  What made him snap?

Clearly, this must be it:

Aaron Alexis carried copy of Microsoft Office, other disks into Navy Yard building

What Alexis did was wrong and monstrous.  But, having used the newest version of Office, I understand.  Ballmer could screw up anything without really trying.  He should do what George Costanza postulated, and do the exact opposite of what his instincts tell him to do.  I mean, raising the price of the Surface2/SurfacePro2, after the first ones didn’t sell?  That is some industrial-strength denial at work, to arrive at that decision.

Of course, this is just the excuse that dessicated ratchet-jaw Nancy Pelosi (D-LaLaLand) needs to ban MS Office.

"One more lift and I'll have pubic hair on my chest!"

“One more lift and I’ll have pubic hair on my chest!”


Shootout at the Gun Blog Corral: Stuck in the Middle with You

Bring Popcorn

Bring Popcorn

What’s that old saying?  “Life would be easy if it weren’t for other people”.

Do you like guns?  If you’re here, you probably do.

Do you know a lot about guns?  Some of you do, some of you don’t.  Some are aware of where you stand on the gun knowledge spectrum, and others are not.

Do you want to talk about and learn about guns?  Once again, if you’re here, you probably do.

It would be great if we could all discuss the things we like and learn more about them.  But like any activity, once you add people into the mix it can get pretty complicated and annoying.


Nosy Doctors

Dr. Doolittle

Dr. Doolittle

We discussed the issue of doctors being nosy about guns in two previous YGN posts.

Today I find this article about how that issue is impacted by 0bamacare:

If Your Doctor Asks You About Guns, Do You Have to Answer?

The takeaway: the language of the so-called Affordable Care Act protects the rights of doctors to poke their nose where it does not belong, but it also says that the patient is not required to answer:

“”Most people will think they have to answer. They don’t need to answer under the law,” he [Judge Napolitano] explained.”



More SmartGun Tomfoolery

Smart Guns Redux

Smart Guns Redux

A company in Georgia is claiming to have technology to make Smart Guns viable.

Computerworld: Smart gun company aims to begin production soon

“According to Miller, had smart gun technology been available to Nancy Lanza, she could have programmed her guns so that only her fingerprint could have activated them; she could have enabled her son to shoot them at a firing range and disabled them upon returning home, or she could have enabled them for her son to use all the time, Miller said.


Publicity that Gun Owners Don’t Need

Open Carry Zealot

Another day, another dumbass carrying around an AR15, looking for a confrontation:

Attention Whore Alert

“He has over a dozen such videos of him getting confronted by the Oregon police while he carries his AR-15 .”

It gets better.  He describes himself thusly:

“I am a Constitutional guardian and activist, at the same time a Libertarian that will defend the Individual rights of Life, Liberty, and Property against Tyrannical and Collectivism. I am a Oregonian, but support the separation of Oregon to create the state of Jefferson. In the state of Jefferson we will make a new Constitution that resemble the USA Constitution, but with more Individual rights with a dictionary that describe the meaning of the Constitution. I am also a extreme Firearms, Freedom of Speech, and Property Activist”

Sigh.  One of those.

And after a deluge of negative comments (shocka!), he posts this rambling, incoherent, foulmouthed reply.

Listening to this guy’s words makes it obvious that he is semi-literate, defiant and an all-around embarrassment to the gun rights movement.  Eventually, one of his infantile stunts will get someone killed, and all responsible gun owners will be lumped in with this assclown.


More OC douchery from the same nitwit.