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Another Colorado Recall

Payback is...her

Payback is…her

Another left-wing gun-hating legislator in Colorado is the subject of a recall initiative:

“Now, another anti-gun senator’s seat is in jeopardy.  Democratic Senator Evie Hudak has a list of recall signatures that is gaining momentum.  But, there’s even more at stake this time.  As a result of last month’s recall, the Democrats now hold a majority in the senate by only one seat.  Hudak’s recall would swing the balance.”
Hudak is a popular figure among Democrats, despite her propensity for landing in the papers for the wrong reasons. Just last week, she landed in hot water after being caught on camera surfing Facebook and sending unrelated tweets during a hearing on parole reform.  In March, Hudak dismissed a rape victim who testified that she wished she’d had a gun by saying “statistics are not on your side.”
I am hopeful that this recall will succeed, and glad that the gun-grabbers are suffering for their stupidity.  If the DemocRATS lose their majority in the Colorado senate, that will be a strategic advantage.  And this water buffalo can go back to grazing buffets.
But, sadly, this does nothing to stop the national efforts to ban guns.  And it certainly doesn’t help gun owners in formerly purple but now deep blue Connecticut.

Why the Navy Yard Shooter Did It



We have all seen the news stories of the Navy Yard Massacre.  Those of you who go beyond the biased MSM will know that Alexis had some serious mental problems, and that his employer failed to complete his background check.  You also know that, despite the MSM bleating about it for days, there was no AR-15 involved.

But lost in the blizzard of disinformation is: why did Alexis do it?  What made him follow Joe Biden’s advice (“Get a shotgun”), and saw the stock off while writing cryptic messages on the gun?  What made him snap?

Clearly, this must be it:

Aaron Alexis carried copy of Microsoft Office, other disks into Navy Yard building

What Alexis did was wrong and monstrous.  But, having used the newest version of Office, I understand.  Ballmer could screw up anything without really trying.  He should do what George Costanza postulated, and do the exact opposite of what his instincts tell him to do.  I mean, raising the price of the Surface2/SurfacePro2, after the first ones didn’t sell?  That is some industrial-strength denial at work, to arrive at that decision.

Of course, this is just the excuse that dessicated ratchet-jaw Nancy Pelosi (D-LaLaLand) needs to ban MS Office.

"One more lift and I'll have pubic hair on my chest!"

“One more lift and I’ll have pubic hair on my chest!”


Here we go again…

Same as it ever was...

Same as it ever was…

It’s like Groundhog Day.

Another senseless tragedy committed by an unstable person, another desperate attempt to blame innocent law-abiding gun owners for something they didn’t do.

I can’t claim to be surprised, since this is what the gun-grabbers do every time they think they can tie a criminal act to the issue of gun control.  They even have a written strategy guide to help them twist current events into excuses for gun control.

And at the other end of the spectrum, the gun-grabbers in California are about to enact a ban on lead hunting ammunition.  All of you gun-owning Californicators can expect ammo shortages and skyrocketing prices.  If you thought the ammo problem was bad now, just wait until Governor Moonbeam signs this liberal wet dream into law.

Yet the gun-hating sits-to-pee coalition accuses law-abiding gun owners of being paranoid for opposing their endless, pointless gun-control schemes.

To that, I reply (in the words of a scientist named Carl Sagan):

What he said.

What he said.

He is a scientist.  I have to believe him, right?


Doctors Against Gun Control

Second Opinion

Second Opinion

Well, well.

We talked before about doctors pushing gun control.

But now a major medical journal is taking the exact opposite view:

Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons: Guns Do Not Cause Crime, People Do

“A major fallacy in the analogy between motor-vehicle crashes and shootings is that crashes are almost always accidental, and shootings are almost always intentional. Thus, in the former, the safety characteristics of cars and roads are highly pertinent, whereas in the latter the issue is why a shooter decides to pull the trigger.”

The article also calls out the AMA (American Medical Association) and ACP (American College of Physicians) as having “fashioned gun violence as a “health problem” rather than a “crime problem.” In so doing, they have avoided the real causes of violence and to pursue federal funding for research from an advocacy perspective.”

Read the whole thing.

This is you need a Gun; This is also why Racial Profiling is neccesary

Tyrik Haynes, savage thug

Tyrik Haynes, savage thug

A woman was brutally stabbed in the chest more than a dozen times while shopping with her infant child at a Bed, Bath & Beyond store on Thursday evening.

Gee, why hasn’t this received more media attention?

Let’s add it up:

Cue the Gun-Control Hysteria

Rinse, Lather, Repeat

Rinse, Lather, Repeat

Here we go again.

A 19-year-old gunman fired off an AK-47 in an elementary school in  Georgia.  No one was injured.

And in other news, 3 savages in Oklahoma shot a young man in the back as he was jogging.  The victim died.

The almost total lack of media coverage (and the overly-careful wording of the little coverage that had been published) sent a clear message about the race & culture of the people involved.  The eventual publication of pictures of the perpetrators confirmed this suspicion.  One perp reportedly danced as he was being booked.

The parents of the perpetrators claim that their little angels couldn’t have done this because they are good little boys.  Look at the pictures of the little angels’ twitter feeds and see if that claim is plausible to you.  One of them was in court this week to sign papers for his probation status.

The cops are trying to claim that it was a crime of boredom. The savages used a .22 revolver, which none of them could have legally possessed.

And the usual suspects are starting to beat the gun-control drum.  It will get louder.

Example: one of CT’s own state legislators wants to ban video games from using realistic weapons in them.  Even though he admits there is no evidence connecting video games to violence.

And of course, Jeremy Clarkson’s punching bag, Piers Morgan, had to spew his two cents worth of wisdom as well.

Don’t let them seize the narrative.  Write letters to and call your representatives at all levels of government and make your voice heard.

Have a gun.  And be aware when you are out in public.


Or else this might happen:

WWII veteran Delbert Belton survived being wounded in action during the Battle of Okinawa only to be beaten and left for dead by two [Afro-American] teens at the Eagles Lodge in Spokane on Wednesday evening.


Ammo Price Gouging




Up until today, I hadn’t actually seen any price gouging on ammo.  Heard about it, read about it, but haven’t seen it.

But today that changed.

Went into a gun store with Crapgame (not going to name the store, but it isn’t one of the 2 notorious gougers in the area) and looked around.  On the shelf I saw a 500-round bulk pack of Winchester XPert 22.

I figured it might be a good idea to stock up, since I am shooting more .22 these days.

There was a little sticker in the corner of the box.  It said: $70.  (I checked MidwayUSA when I got home; their price was $30.99.)

And there was a 525 round box of Federal bulk pack ammo priced at $65.

Neither box included lubrication to ease the pain of the ass-rape being offered to customers.

Now, I am not one of those people that equates price increases with price gouging.  I am mostly in the John Stossel camp.  Business is business.  A vendor needs to be able to make a profit on the products they sell, after factoring in all of the variables.  And prices have gone up across the board for ammo, and I accept that reality.

But there is no way in hell that this gun store is making less or the same profit margin on that ammo that they would have made before the sale.  They are being opportunistic dicks.

I don’t want a government solution to this problem, like NJ did.

If you see stupid prices on ammo, and you aren’t in desperate need of that ammo, DON’T BUY IT!  Let it sit there until the dealer gets sick of staring at it and makes the price more reasonable, or until someone who does need it desperately comes looking for it.

That’s the only way to restore some sanity to the ammo marketplace.

That, and more production.


Ammo Status?

Cupboard is bare

Cupboard is bare

Is anyone seeing an improvement in the ammo situation where you live?

I have been seeing some ammo here and there, but nothing in quantity except some hunting and birding ammo.

Handgun-wise, I see a little .38 and a little .45 as well.  Some .380 too.

9mm is very hard to find.

I haven’t heard much about the ammo situation lately…

Who needs guns when we have the police?

Typical Punishment

Typical Punishment

We have all heard the gun-grabbers bleating that citizens don’t need guns because the police protect them.  It’s one of their standard arguments.  They often stamp their feet when saying it, like a child complaining that mommy won’t serve dessert first.

Does that argument hold any water?


I Hate Canadian Nazis (Updated)

Canadian Edition

Canadian Edition

Gun confiscation: coming to a town near you! Some of you may not be aware of a devastating flood that recently occurred in Canada.

While not quite as widespread as Katrina was, it looks pretty bad.

It’s a shame, and we hope the residents of High River recover quickly.  Hopefully more quickly that the NY victims of Sandy, who have been left out in the cold by Gov. Cuomo while he was tilting at anti-gun windmills.

The police evacuated the town, just like what happened during Katrina.

And also like Katrina, the police decided to confiscate people’s guns from the evacuated homes.

Residents angry as RCMP seize guns from High River homes