Shootout at the Gun Blog Corral: Stuck in the Middle with You

Bring Popcorn

Bring Popcorn

What’s that old saying?  “Life would be easy if it weren’t for other people”.

Do you like guns?  If you’re here, you probably do.

Do you know a lot about guns?  Some of you do, some of you don’t.  Some are aware of where you stand on the gun knowledge spectrum, and others are not.

Do you want to talk about and learn about guns?  Once again, if you’re here, you probably do.

It would be great if we could all discuss the things we like and learn more about them.  But like any activity, once you add people into the mix it can get pretty complicated and annoying.


2011 Reaches its Expiration Date

Mr. Peanut is Relieved

Mr. Peanut is Relieved

It’s almost over, folks.

The Year of the Rabbit (by Chinese reckoning) is drawing to a close, and the Year of the Dragon is coming.

It’s been a fun ride for the YGN team, and we will be continuing our efforts in 2012.  We are gratified by those readers who are glad to hear that, and just as gratified for the angst we will continue to cause our detractors.  Hey, at least we haven’t been blacklisted…

There are many things competing for our attention at this time of year, but some of the posts that we are working on for the near future are:

  • Review & shooting impressions of the Walther PPQ
  • Must-have accessories
  • How to get a permit to carry concealed handguns in Connecticut

Thanks for reading.

WordPress Hiccup



Just an FYI to our readers…

WordPress glitched and made a bunch of recent posts become invisible.

We have corrected the problem.

Sorry if anyone was confused by the disappearing posts.  There is no memory-holing going on.

How I Became a Gun Nut

part of my collection

part of my collection

I’ve had an interest in firearms from a fairly early age. This interest came about despite (or maybe because of) my parents’ absolute embargo of “war toys”. Looking back as an adult, I can understand and even respect their dislike. My father was in the Air Force, and at that time, had just returned from a tour in Thailand, supporting the war in Vietnam. I know he saw some pretty terrible things that stick with him to this day.

Despite that, I was a kid, and a boy at that. I wasn’t allowed toy guns, GI Joes (and then, they were the COOL ones, a foot tall, with tons of accessories), violent movies, tv shows, or books, but I had Legos, and I was pretty creative at building toy guns from them. All my friends had toy guns, and we ran the neighborhood, playing cops and robbers, “war”, cowboys and indians, you name it. We were bloodthirsty little hooligans. If I was playing on my own, any appropriately shaped stick worked as a pistol, a rifle, sword, spear, you name it. All this to say that the allure of the forbidden certainly helped to reinforce an interest in guns.

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