Using Airsoft Pistols for Practice

I recently discovered a great set of shows on Spike TV – their “Don’t be a Victim” block airing on Saturday mornings. The shows are each a half hour long, and cover a range of topics of interest to shooters.  There are four shows – Conceal/Carry School, Practical Tactical, Lives Depend On It, and What If.

The first two in particular have pointed out a weakness with my current practice. The ranges I frequent have strict rules about what is allowed on the range. That means I really can’t practice movement drills, drawing from concealment and other more practical uses for a defensive firearm. While I could join the IDPA group at my club, I really don’t want to go in as a novice, and frankly I’m not all that sure I’m interested in competitive shooting at this point.

While browsing around the gun blogs I follow, I came across what appears to be a useful solution for me, at least until I have the time and money to go to a more formal training class. Airsoft pistols are close enough to the real thing to be a useful training tool. In the coming weeks, I’ll be clearing out space in my basement to set up a mini shooting gallery, purchasing an Airsoft pistol, and start working on some of the drills I can’t do at the range.