Anti-Gun RINO Goes Down



Connecticut held its Republican primary for the upcoming election for Governor, to see who would face the embattled Democrat Dannel Malloy in the fall.

It goes without saying that Dan Malloy, the anti-gun, tax-happy, stuttering father of a drug-dealer armed robber has to get booted.  He ran Stamford into the ground as mayor, and then did his best to steer the entire state into a fiscal ditch.

But who to choose to oppose Malloy?  Businessman (and former Ambassador to Ireland) Tom Foley narrowly lost to Malloy 4 years ago, and was running for the nomination again.  His chances are said to be better this time, as Malloy’s reputation has fallen even lower.

The Experts Agree: The 1911 Sucks!



I promised Crapgame that I wouldn’t gloat.

But a very well-known gunblogger and 1911 gunsmith has come out against the 1911 design:

Hilton Yam: My Personal Path Away From The 1911

SaysUncle picked up the story, and it’s going to get a lot of attention.


Shootout at the Gun Blog Corral: Stuck in the Middle with You

Bring Popcorn

Bring Popcorn

What’s that old saying?  “Life would be easy if it weren’t for other people”.

Do you like guns?  If you’re here, you probably do.

Do you know a lot about guns?  Some of you do, some of you don’t.  Some are aware of where you stand on the gun knowledge spectrum, and others are not.

Do you want to talk about and learn about guns?  Once again, if you’re here, you probably do.

It would be great if we could all discuss the things we like and learn more about them.  But like any activity, once you add people into the mix it can get pretty complicated and annoying.


Range Rules, part 2

Range Rules

Range Rules

(Updated) We have posted about range rules before, specifically the issue of ammo restrictions and brass retention policies.

Another set of rules that many shooters encounter is restrictions on the amount or frequency of shooting.

While it is common for publicly-accessible ranges to exclude full-auto weapons, certain ranges take the principle farther.  Some ranges limit the number of shots you are supposed to take without a pause between them (a “5-shot rule” or a “no rapid fire/double-tap rule”).  Others limit the number of rounds you put into the magazine.  One range (according to a commenter in this post by SayUncle) doesn’t allow semi-auto rifles to be fired with a magazine inserted!


New Papillon Holster

Deep Concealment

Deep Concealment

The full-size .38 revolver is a fine weapon.  Not an ideal choice for concealed carry, but certainly not impossible.  The holster is key.  The right holster makes a carry gun safe & secure, and ensures that it is accessible when it is needed.

There are plenty of holster styles available, from a variety of manufacturers.  Leather, soft nylon, rigid polymer.  Strong-side, weak-side, on-the-waistband, inside-the-waistband, paddle, pancake, shoulder, ankle, pocket.  There is a holster for any carry need.

If you need a holster for a full-size .38 revolver, try your local gun store or any of the reputable online retailers.

But don’t decide to use your own ass.