Charter Arms Pitbull – Update

Just Sayin'

Just Sayin’

Many moons ago, we tested the Charter Arms Pitbull revolvers, which fire rimless cartridges.  We tested both the .40S&W and 9mm versions:

Well, Charter recently announced that they were redesigning the Pitbull to reduce capacity from 6 rounds to 5, in the interest of improving spent case extraction, which was one of the problems we encountered when we tested them.

While that would remedy one of the problems that we identified with the Pitbull, it won’t address the others.


Charter Arms Pitbull 9mm (Updated)

Charter Arms Pitbull 9mm

OK, let’s try this again.  If you saw my review of the Charter Arms Pitbull in .40S&W, you will understand the background to this review.

The sun actually came out for a while, so I headed to the range to put the 9mm version of Charter Arms Pitbull through its paces.

I had a variety of ammunition to try in it: Remington UMC 115gr FMJ, Remington 115gr JHP, Black Hills 115gr JHP, Federal Nyclad 124gr, Hornady 115gr and 147gr XTP hollowpoints.

The parts seemed to fit fine, and the trigger pull seemed slightly lighter than the .40S&W version.  So far, so good.


First Impressions: Charter Arms Pitbull .40S&W (Updated, AGAIN!)

No rims? No problem!

(Scroll down for updates)  I have been looking at bigger-bore revolvers for a while now.  Wheelgun reliability + bigger bullets sounded like a winner to me.

The lack of .44SPL ammo availability (and the anemia of the ammo I have seen tested) pushed me away from a Bulldog and towards the Pitbull.  5-shots, stainless steel frame, DA with exposed hammer.  And since it’s a revolver, the chamber is “fully supported”.  LOL.

I saw one in the case at the newest gun store in the area, Woodbridge Firearms, and I pulled the trigger so to speak.  A more complete review will be forthcoming, but here are my initial impressions after a box and a half of ammo:


Yet Another New Ruger

New Ruger!

New Ruger!

Wow, the guys at Ruger are really burning the midnight oil.

Now they have an 8-shot .22LR version of the LCR polymer-framed revolver.

They released an 8-shot .22 SP101 with a 4″ barrel and a 10-shot version of the Single-Six (with a 5.5″ barrel) a few months back.

Now they have adapted the LCR with a 1.875″ barrel to .22LR, with the same heavily-relieved cylinder design.


Interesting Ruger Auction

Double Your Fun

Double Your Fun

Ruger’s latest auction is intriguing.

The last of six matched pairs of Service-Six Military Model double-action revolvers.  The Service-Six is the fixed-sight version of the Security-Six.

More details from Ruger’s auction:

“Sturm, Ruger produced these .38 Special revolvers for the U.S. Army Armament Material Development and Readiness Command, and are marked “U.S.” at the right front of the frame. They are made of chrome-molybdenum steel with a blue finish, 4″ barrel, fixed sights, and square butt. Another feature of these revolvers is the absence of the manual warning normally found on the left side of the barrel.

The serial numbers on these revolvers are 153-55993 and 153-55994, and the test fire date for both is April, 1978. The revolvers have never been fired beyond normal testing during manufacture and were packaged in a special preservative foil wrap for over thirty years. This set was removed from the packaging so you can see what you are bidding on. Original Technical Manuals for the Service-Six Military Model revolvers are included with this auction.”

It’s an interesting variant of a solid gun.