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Your Papers, Please...

Your Papers, Please…

How much do you exercise your gun rights on an average day?

Have you ever thought about what you would do on an day that was not average?

During the Boston Bomber manhunt, many hands were wrung over the dubiously-legal lockdown imposed upon Massachusetts residents.

During the manhunt for trigger-happy Chris Dorner, lockdowns were once again employed.

Well, it just happened again:


The State of the Second Amendment

HitlerWell, folks, it’s been a rough 4 months for those of us who believe in the Bill of Rights.

Ever since a crazy kid used some stolen guns to kill schoolkids a few towns from where I live, the rights of non-crazy legal gun owners have been under assault.  Of course there is no logic in attacking something besides the actual problem, but no one can accuse liberals of comprehending logic or displaying consistency.

So far, New York, Maryland, Colorado and Connecticut have rammed draconian (and unenforceable) gun laws down their citizens throats.  None of these new laws would have prevented the Sandy Hook or Aurora massacres.  None remove guns from criminals hands.  And gun companies have begun to relocate from those states to friendlier turf, damaging the economies of these blue states even more.

On the federal level, gun control has stalled and looks to be moribund thanks to the memory of 1994.  That will last until Harry Reid decides he doesn’t want to run for re-election and stabs the NRA in the back on the way out to pasture.

But we can not relax.  The gun grabbers will not stop attacking us, and as long as that is the case, we have to win every fight, and they only have to win once.  Playing by their rules is just a form of slow suicide.

Here’s an article in the American Thinker:

Gun Bill Defeat is Not Enough

It’s time to stop playing defense, and start making the gun grabbers pay a price for their actions.

I am referring to legal methods, of course.

What have you done?  What are you planning to do?  (Don’t email or comment about it; it’s a rhetorical question)

I hope you can answer those questions for yourself honestly.  And I hope the honest answer is not “nothing”.


Connecticut Sucks



I apologize for the sparse postings lately, but we have been extremely busy fighting the gun grabbers and making preparations for the worst-case scenario.  By now you have probably heard the news.  The worst-case scenario has come true.

In a knee-jerk response to Sandy Hook, Connecticut’s Democrat-controlled legislature passed a comprehensive array of vague, contradictory, unconstitutional and virtually unenforceable gun laws in the dead of night.  Somehow, these idiots think that they can register high-capacity magazines!

The police report on this incident has still not been released.

We still have not seen the autopsy or toxicology reports on the killer.

None of the proposals address mental health.

None of the proposals address school safety.

And the Asshole Governor rammed the law through the legislature under bogus emergency protocols, avoiding public debate and committee review of the law.  Someone must be pulling his strings, because Dan Malloy’s former secretary says that he was too stupid to turn on his own computer while mayor of Stamford.

The law took effect immediately, when it was signed by the Asshole Governor at 12:30 at night, but the specifics of the law were not spelled out for dealers or citizens to read.  Result: gun stores are sitting on unsaleable guns because this Frankenstein monster of gun laws neglected to exactly define what was and was not permissible under the law.  Ammunition manufacturers like Nutmeg Sporting Cartridge can no longer sell to police departments because police departments are not considered a FFL.

Lawsuits have been filed.  This will be fought.  Many CT-based gun companies are planning to relocate.

At Least He Is Honest

Politics As Usual

Politics As Usual

A while back, Ruger sent out an communication that offered a way to email each of your federal, state and local representatives with a message urging them to reject new gun laws.  Just add your contact info and they did the rest.  I did it, and so did a lot of the people I met in Hartford for the public hearing a few weeks back.

Only one of my representatives has responded.

On Jan 28, I received this email from Sen. Chris Murphy (D – CT):


Senate Tries Gun Grab



From a link on

Now it should surprise no one that the gun-toting yet anti-gun hypocrite senator from the bankrupt state of California is the first out of the gate with this nonsense.  She will undoubtedly have support from fellow gun-toting anti-gunner upChuck Schumer.